Main Application Installation

Installing DataTime is straigthtforward and requires no special explanations. Just start Setup.exe and click on the appropriate buttons to proceed.

If you have not read yet what are the application Prerequisites, do it now. To connect to some databases you may need the corresponding OleDB client.

Once DataTime is installed there will be 2 new icons. One on the desktop, and one on the Program menu.
Click on either one to start DataTime.

When the Registration form opens up, you can enter your company and Department name, and note that the data you enter in this screen will be displayed every time the program is restarted. When done, just click on "Submit" and "Proceed".

For the Enterprise edition enter the enterprise data and activation code which match the one you have received with your (customized) copy of the software. Enterprise editions do not have the "Universal edition" logo on the Project Selector, but the Enterprise logo provided by the purchaser, which is hard coded in the package licensed to the purchasing company. Possible requests of logo update are included in the maintenance services.

The user data can be accessed by double clicking on the user information box, on the Project Selector.