Change work folder 

When DataTime is installed it creates a few folders into the application folder, and uses by default these folders to store program  objects such as Connections, Data Sources, Reports, Load Tasks, etc.

For this purpose however, you may want to use another directory, instead of the application folder, .

In order to migrate anytime from a folder to any other, you can use the "Folder Migrator". To open it, click on the "Folder migration" button, located on the "Project selector".

Example 1. Move all existing files to a new folder and define it as the default folder.

To move to all your files to another folder, select the source and the target folder and click on the buttons as shown below:

This sequence of operations, as you can understand, will move the work files to the new folder, replace all existing references to files, and make the new folder as the default target for the newly created objects.

Example 2. Renaming the work folder.

Assume that you have changed the name of the folder where you keep your files. You need to change all pointers within DataTime. If you want to avoid to add again all your existing files, you can do as follows.

Indicate the old folder and the new folder name. Click on the 2 last buttons. This will update the pointers for all the objects to the new path and redefine the default work folder.