Work with a Report 

1. Moving and resizing Objects


To move a ReportGrid, simply place the mouse on any cell, keep the Ctrl key pressed and drag the mouse keeping the left button down.
Always remember Ctrl-Drag, because all objects in DataTime are moved used in the same way. You always need to press Ctrl to move any object.

To resize columns there are 2 ways:

  1. Drag: Drag the vertical separator keeping down the mouse left button: this kind of resize keeps fixed the cell sizes,
  2. Shift Drag: Same as before but holding the Shift key down: In this case the cell separator is moved, while the cells keep fixed their farther ends.

To resize rows: Left button drag of the separator, as for columns.

The default resize behavior of the rows (enlarge if necessary) can be changed. To change the default behavior, right click to open the context menu > Automatic Formatting > Change Automatic row-resize mode.

If the row-resize mode is switched to "Automatic row refit" the rows are fitted automatically, and they will not be adjustable manually anymore.

To edit a ReportGrid, just double click on it.

ImageBox and Charts

Ctrl-Drag: move the object
Ctrl-Right-Button-Drag: resize the object

Notice that if you drag or move across pages, you will cause automatic image splitting.

To edit an ImageBox or a Linked Chart, just double click on it.

When dragging images make sure you place the mouse on an opaque area of the image, not a transparent one.


Ctrl-Drag: move the object
Ctrl-Right-Button-Drag: resize the object

This object is never split. However you can "rasterize" it to an ImageBox (open the context menu by righ-clicking on it). If rasterized it will become an ImageBox and will behave accordingly (it will split across pages).

To edit a TextBox, just double click on it.

2. Scrolling and viewing pages

crolling Report pages

To scroll report pages, you can use the mouse wheel. DataTime introduces new handy ways to scroll:

wheel:               vertical scroll
shift - wheel:   horizontal scroll
ctrl - wheel:     diagonal scroll

The pattern for going to extreme ends of the document is intuitive and reflects the position of the keys on the numerical keypad:

: go top left
Ctrl-End: go bottom left
Ctrl-PagUp: go top right
Ctrl-PagDn: go bottom right


DataTime Reports can be zoomed in/out. To zoom use the following key combination:

crtl +    enlarge pages
ctrl  -
     reduce pages

alternatively you can also use the resize buttons on the Designer (bottom left):

3. Quick removing empty pages

Click on the button on the Designer showing and empty page with a red cross on it (bottom right).

4. Undoing

You can undo the last (undoable) operation by using the key combination Ctrl-z. Undo is disabled by default.

5. Background Pages

DataTime allows defining a page which will be used as the background of the pages in your document.
To define a background page, open the page context menu by right-clicking on an empty spot of your page and select "Background Pages". A Dialog will open to help you create background pages. Each Background page can be applied to any or all the pages of your report document. Objects that belong to background pages remain always in the background.
If you change the position of an object in a background page, its position will also be changed on all the pages of your report document which are using that page as a background.