The new G-BOT social media spinoffs

G-Bot Platform

On this page, we have a directory of new spinoff social media that will gradually replace the old, obsolete social media, some of which are unfortunately plagued by blatant political propaganda, marketing hype, and autocracy.

This is a brand new generation of social media, and we invite you to join early, so you can say: I was there when it all started, and I contributed with my creativity and competence. :-)

We are planning to start our initial activities in April 2024.
The first social media of the network (we will expand the network as more donations and resources from trading investors come in) will be:

eLink Professional   Social dedicated to your professional life. From finding a job to solving work-related problems. With many other discussion topics.

Italiano-English Cafè   Social dedicated to people interested in Italian/English cultural exchanges.

NY And I    Classified ads and discussion about the Great Apple (about 8.5MM inhabitants).

Nun è Porta Portese   Social dedicated to Rome, the eternal city, "Caput Mundi" (about 3MM inhabitants, and 6MM in the Latium region), and contains both public posts and discussions on many topics related to the city, including Romanesco dialect. This is the only existing medium of this size dedicated solely to the eternal city.

Great Traders   Social dedicated to Trading, Finance, and related Quantitative sciences.

So stay tuned, and feel free to send me your suggestions or your considerations even before we go live!

Thanks to the many investors (friends) who have believed in the G-Bot project and who are accumulating wealth year after year, we are finally able to start pouring the G-Bot donations into new spinoff projects.

G-Bot is finally trading several millions in accounts worldwide and generating good profits for all our investors with very bearable drawdowns (thanks to its long/short simultaneous positions).

We are grateful to all the investors who have believed in this initiative from the very start (now more than two decades ago), when it was even more difficult to believe in it. Rest assured that when we succeed in our final goal to quote as a public company, everyone who has actively helped towards the goal will have a deserved share of it :-)

In all our new social media, we have simple rules:

- No censorship, no propaganda, and no occult marketing from the site management
- Users can do and say whatever they want, including transparently advertising their projects, provided they do not hurt the law or the rights of other users.
- No porn, no hate speech, no libels, no scams or unjustified disrespect towards other will be allowed.

My personal contact: Prof. Tom Gastaldi ("Sapienza" University, Rome) for any information: or contact me on WhatsApp (please, no voice calls from strangers, because they remain unanswered).

If you are an investor interested in trading your own funds with G-Bot or interested in the IPO project, please, refer to the G-Bot home page: and contact me.

If you are interested in maintaining a new social medium in our growing network (you will decide topics and categories where you are competent) to collect advertising profits, contact me as well (we will provide the domain and platform ready to go from a technical point of view; you will only need to harvest corporate sponsors).