G-BOT Long-Term, profitable, wealth self-management
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G-Bot Platform
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Free cutting-edge technology to run your own hedge fund!

How does it work? Simple:

We provide sufficiently capitalized individual investors with a free algorithmic platform to run on their own, directly on their VPS or PC (for free). This way, they can check all the activity in real time, tick by tick, order by order, using their own paper trading account (that is, using "fictitious" money). Then the investors can possibly decide to gradually start trading their own real money accounts if they like the results they generate.

Nature of the project and algorithmic trading platform

G-Bot is currently a private, decentralized initiative of a purely technical and non-financial nature, where we provide suitably funded private investors (friends) with a free, complete automated trading platform to achieve satisfactory results in terms of profit relative to drawdown (DD). It is, in essence, a form of wealth self-management where you are provided with a suitable technology with the goal of extracting as much profit as possible from the market while taking an acceptable risk.
In practice, it's like running your own "hedge fund" with no maintenance fees.

The G-Bot platform has been around for decades, and much of it stems from the research on trading algorithms by Prof. Tommaso Gastaldi, the University of Rome "Sapienza". It is now pretty well-known how it operates because we have documented transparently all our long development journey on specialized public forums, such as ET, for instance. For this reason, we will avoid making useless claims and just invite you to try it (for free) on your paper trading account (that is, with fictitious funds but real-time data and orders) for a sufficiently long time. Then, if you are satisfied with the results and technology, you might possibly decide to gradually switch to real money, on your own. It's completely free until you decide to switch to real $$$, in which case you are welcome, but in no way obliged, to do two things: 1) refer us to other good investors like yourself; 2) voluntarily donate a (small) percentage of your new net profits to support future initiatives, such as for instance, the new social media development

If you wish to consistently produce profits using the most advanced algorithmic platform with zero management fees and without any software expenses, you have finally found the right and most unique place on the planet. Note that we do not merely provide the algorithmic platform; but this is a rather personalized experience, where we may provide free live tech support on a daily basis and provide you with all the necessary technical supervision and updates, in a constant effort to be honored by your friendship.
Our ultimate goal and the real reason why we are facilitating your profits and investing huge resources in the creation of solid and healthy relationships is that, when the time is ripe, we wish to evolve this private initiative into a quoted public company with the active participation of all the trustworthy investors. So make sure you do not pass on this unique opportunity.

G-Bot, developed over the last 25 years, is conceptually the most advanced trading platform currently available. If you believe that the market is "predictable" and that chasing after "signals" with some intellectually challenged "technical analysis" indicator will work, be advised that, methodologically speaking, these ideas are highly misguided and essentially a result of statistical ignorance, which, unfortunately, is the norm in the trading world. We encourage you to first try out all these non-sense predictive and gambling approaches and then, once you have had enough, contact us.

Public Demo

We run periodic public technical demonstrations with to give samples and explanations to interested investors. Here is one recent example: (trading journal on ET forum)
Clearly, you will eventually need to rely on your own experience and understanding. For this reason, you will spend a period of "paper trading" (that is, trading with real-time data but fictitious money or paper trading) before possibly thinking of using your own real funds (if you wish), as we want you to fully understand why you are making $$$, what kind of risks are involved, and the reason why you are producing consistent long-term returns.

Brokerage company

Our automated trading platform is currently configured as a highly specialized executable program to trade accounts at Interactive Brokers © (IBKR) ("largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of daily average revenue trades.") We are in no way affiliated with this firm; the only thing we know is that this is the most serious broker around, and that is why we chose it.

This high specialization is necessary because algorithmic trading is in essence a very complex async conversation between machines, and the slightest mismatch or imperfection in this conversation might cause costly issues.
G-Bot also provides specific technical support for all the unique advanced features of IBKR, such as advisor account structures or multiple linked accounts.
It is also possible to have separate accounts for trading and drawing data.
(Note that we do not support other brokers.)
Note that you will also receive interest on idle cash balances (check their site for current values).

Prerequisites and minimum account size for testing

Due to the margin requirements of the traded instruments (which could easily be over 150K per layer), we can only support investors who are undercapitalized. Remember that you are not gambling here; you wish to stay in the market continuously and extract a consistent profit forever.
The minimum fund that you need to have $500K in a Portfolio Margin account. Note, however, that this is a bare minimum just to facilitate a first approach (one would not be able to do much activity with that amount).
Accounts with $2MM–10MM are definitely better suited for consistent, lifetime success. You can deal with larger account sizes or multiple large accounts of up to any amount (possibly under any kind of "linked" structure, wherever needed).
G-Bot can scale up to funds of any size, but, as a precaution, we recommend using individual accounts of max $100MM each, and, in the case of larger funds, just open multiple instances of the platform pointing to the multiple accounts (you can run a dozen instances on one machine, all pointing to different accounts).
Accounts can be traded locally or remotely, from your VPS or PC, and from any corner of the world (as long as there is connectivity).
Profits will scale in a "superlinear" way with increasing fund sizes.

Request your personal algorithmic platform: Become fully comfortable with your "paper trading" account before using your "real money" account.

Send your request (it can be anonymous if so desired) for the algorithmic platform, attaching:

A) A brief statement that you fully understand the risks of the market and that you have (or will have) the minimum funds required in a proper account. Note that for the initial paper trading, you will need a portfolio margin account, or the algorithm may not work properly (depending on the instruments that you select).
B) Acknowledgement that, in case you like it and decide to trade a real money account, you may: 1) refer this initiative to other good investors like yourself, 2) voluntarily send us a small voluntary donation to support future initiatives.

Send your request here: gbot.ibcmsf@gmail.com, or contact me directly here: whatsapp iconWhatsApp Chat +39 3272347610 (chat directly with Tom, head of the G-Bot Algorithmic Trading Project).

Prepare your trading machine according to the suggestions provided in the FAQ link.

In any case, no charges or management fees apply. The use of the algorithmic platform can be discontinued at any time, according to your convenience, and nothing is due.

Confidentiality, Secrecy, and Performances

Confidentiality is a foundational value. No information about our friends is ever shared with anyone.
Note that you are not even required to identify yourself, and you may choose to stay entirely anonymous for the entire time if you wish; you are free to use whatever pseudonym you wish. Your formal identity is totally irrelevant to us.
Also, in case it is not obvious, note that your capital and your profits always remain in your own account, and the algorithmic platform will also run on your own VPS (or PC). Of course, I have no access to your account management. In fact, the platform trades using very secure software provided directly by IBKR, called the "IB Gateway", which provides a secure connection port through which the algorithmic platform receives data and sends orders. In practice, it is essentially just a number specified in your IB Gateway, which, of course, you can enable or disable at any moment.

What you can expect

While we expect you to support this project both by referring us to other suitable investors and by "donating" a small percentage of the net profit for the new projects, what you can expect is the following:
You will be using the best available technology and enjoying an environment highly adapted to produce a steady, long-term return with a sustainable level of risk. You will be supported technically on a daily basis, and any issue or concern will be addressed immediately.
We do not have "clients", but, as a cherished investor, you are primarily a friend, and this initiative will function as a gentleman's agreement where any party, if not happy, can depart at any time without any sort of obligation.
We will set up your platform and keep monitoring it on a daily basis. Provide personal support and instructions until needed. Warn you in case of technical problems. Provide and install updates, and any suggested features that are useful.

Towards a public company (IPO): get involved

We wish to eventually transform this private project into a public company. If you are interested in that, please become involved and help towards the goal.
We also set up this WhatsApp group so that those interested can stay in touch.

General disclaimer

In case it is not already obvious, this technological information is for professional, intelligent investors only and not for "retail" or casual traders. We deal only with technology, algorithms, and academic research. Nothing here must ever be interpreted as advice of a financial nature. You acknowledge and agree that the materials herein, or any of our demos, are for informational or research purposes only, and are not an offer or solicitation to buy or sell any securities. You should not construe any of the material contained herein as business, financial, investment, hedging, trading, legal, regulatory, tax, or accounting advice, nor should it be the primary basis for any investment decisions. Consult first with your business advisor, attorney, and tax and accounting advisors concerning any contemplated actions.