G-Bot algorithmic trading platform
Automated trading for private investors and funds


Our solution and objective

We provide algorithmic trading methodology and automated trading platform for private investors or hedge funds.

Our objective is to use existing capital to indefinitely extract as much money is possible from the mkt.



Our clients

Our current methodology is suitable for the sophisticated investor or fund (not for the undercapitalized retail trader). Typically, our traded accounts are over $1M.

Any larger account size can be dealt with. Accounts can be traded locally or remotely, from just a laptop, and in any remote corner of the world (reached by the Internet).



Our approach: illustrations

In very general terms, we use a non-predictive statistical approach, which is mostly suitable for commodity and index futures. In essence, we carry out an incessant scalping and hedging action within the whole instruments' range, with multiple overlaid layers. Scalping has the function to accumulate positive contributions to the PnL, hedging has the function to minimize drawdowns (DD). In fact, our approach has usually the least DD possible, relative to profit, being specifically built around such optimization goal.

We take both long short positions with players superposition, and overlay of instrument layers for maximum hedging action. The trading platform is programmed to retain all the trading information through all the rollovers, and to "recover" all past "stop loss" orders.


We keep our activity with investors strictly confidential. However, in order to inform other prospect investors, not yet reached by word-of-mouth communication, and to demonstrate our statistical approach and methodological advances, we also carry out periodic public illustrations, with live tickdata and live trading on paper trading accounts, where we also discuss and explain in general terms our approach and our hedging techniques. Example of recent public illustration.




Our automated trading platform is currently configured as a high specialized client application to trade accounts at Interactive Brokers (“largest U.S. electronic brokerage firm by number of daily average revenue trades”).  [We are in no way affiliated with this firm.]



Start trading your accounts with us

Currently, we only support funds or private investors with sufficiently large funds, that can successfully survive and thrive in the mkt.

Once you have your account set and funded with IB, if interested in trading algorithmically your account, please, send us a personal contact request to gbot.ibcmsf@gmail.com (or skype datatimesrl ) with the indication of the account size to work with.

Before starting the trading activity, with each investor a personalized private agreement is made which reflects the desired reciprocal profit objectives and setup of the activity and it is possible to have a trial period of "paper trading".



Automated platform working on ES



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Confidentiality is our first value, and in any case no information is ever made available to anyone about our investors, our agreements and profit results.

(Please, do not ask us about tax issues, as we only specialize on the statistical methodologies to print money. All tax related issues - if any - must be worked out on your side.)



Large funds and source code

Some larger funds have preferred to acquire the source code of our automated trading platform (total material about 270 MB), under secrecy agreement, so that they are completely independent and free to work out proprietary modifications, or further developments (e.g., adapt it to different brokerage firms or DMA) on their side, thus skipping about a decade of development (and  the concrete possibility of not even getting it right). We can still provide it "as is", corresponding to the latest available executable we use for our own trading activities. Price is typically around $5M upfront, which may be usually recovered in the few first months/weeks of trading (depending on the capital at work).






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