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DOWNLOAD OPS - Option Payoff Simulator - Windows Installer, Build 28 November 2022 (check periodically for new builds)

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[Remove the older version when installing an updated release]
Last Changes: fixed decimal places for prices (bid/ask), added some interface features
Future Changes: I will be adding a diachronic view, so that we can see slide the payoff through time

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OPS was developed as a plugin for the G-Bot trading platform.
In that case, it automatically retrieves all the options traded by the platform (which could be hundreds, with many orders each), loads all the information such as strikes, bid, ask, quantities, multipliers and all orders for each layer and shows the current real-time global payoff situation. Further, it allows the simulation of how new orders or option layers impact on the final PnL.

For this reason, OPS is extremely quick, simple, and has no limits on the number of options it can handle.
(It is just one of the hundreds of advanced features contained in G-Bot.)
I am making available this standalone version for anyone to enjoy, and provide possible suggestions or feature requests.

In this "stand-alone" version you will need to input option data yourself (strike, price, qty, mult). But it is still a valuable tool to understand better options and simulate simple or complex scenarios.
If you do not have access to real-time tickdata, you can still easily get the prices online from several websites. For example:

OPS at work on G-Bot Algorithmic Trading Platform, helping printing $$$ perpetually:

OPS at work in G-Bot

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