GET READY TO RUN G-BOT algorithmic platform

Get a clean machine running Windows (either a local PC or VPS). The machine must be powerful and will be used for trading only.
Minimize the number of third-party applications that may cause issues or reboots (just a good AV will do).

Here are the basic steps to get ready for G-Bot installation.


Make sure you have an IB portfolio margin account of suitable size, as required. (A problem with "undercapitalized" accounts is that with relatively small funds it is nearly impossible to run our approach. Note that the portfolio margin account alone requires 110K funds just to be "eligible". Without a portfolio margin account our long/short approach cannot not work properly.)
Read here, for instance:

Get the account ready: Primarily, we will use CME (and possibly NYMEX for commodities in very large accounts): make sure you can get the real-time stream of data from those markets ("US futures bundle", "top of book" is good enough: no need for deeper levels or more subscriptions):


Install IB Gateway if not already installed:
This is the software gateway from Interactive Brokers (IB) to which G-Bot connects through a port (port 4002, by default) in order to communicate (to receive tick data, send orders, receive events about fills, etc.).
Run the IB Gateway (paper trading account) by selecting:

and configure the IB Gateway (first time only for each account). Go to Settings making sure to:

Subscriptions problems? Check:
Real-time tick data not arriving in paper trading? Check:


When set up with the IB Gateway, enable use of your Windows remote desktop (WRD) or any other free remote Desktop Software you like.
When ready, send credentials for access and I will setup G-Bot for you and show you how to start trading, providing some initial guidance and supervision when you need it, in the initial period, until you master all the essential ideas and functionalities (ticker definition, layer management, folio management, "information transfers", rollover, etc.) and you can fly alone. Note that, obviously, the machine must be able to work H24 without disconnections (apart from Saturdays).
I will keep "permanent watch" on your G-Bot instance and alert you in case of any problem. It's a H24 service (with possible disconnections on Saturdays, to allow maintenance).
Note that the machine should be configured to allow install of the platform and uninstall of the old version (when present).


You will need a reliable Internet connection and the VPS or PC hosting G-Bot platform should be dedicated only to trading, avoiding other activities which may interfere or might potentially cause reboots.
It can be a VPS, or a good laptop (with a good battery), or a PC (equipped with a UPS, to which you can also attach the router).
Preferably, have enough RAM (at least 16GB+, because the application can store historical data for hundreds of instruments and in case of memory shortage will start swapping on HD with significant decline of performances), and reliable SSDs.
It must run Windows and the automatic shutdown of Windows updates must be disabled. (You will do maintenance on Saturdays or Sundays before 17:00 ET, when necessary). Disable also all energy saving or "sleep", lock screen, or similar.

Note that, instead of delaying in search of optimal technological solutions, it is better to start immediately paper trading, even with a modest office/home machine, and, during the process (which can be several-month long), possibly look for better alternatives (either VPS or a good local setup) with the following priorities:

Useful links:


If you are already successfully using G-BOT, your account is at least 1M, and you have been trading for at least 1 year, and you wish to delegate supervision and PC maintenance for a period, I will be happy to host a free trading machine for your exclusive use, to which you can connect from remote anytime with full control. This is a free service for our investors.