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Partnership: build a business around DataTime Reporting Solution

As you may know, Datatime Reporting Solution is great software: simple to use, powerful and flexible. It produces effective reports, charts and dashboards, allowing for easy ETL, ROLAP and Data integration.

DataTime Reporting Solution is a brand new product, based on the latest technologies. It is new, but it can already be favourably compared to large competitors, and it costs much less.

We know it's a good product, but aiming at product leadership is just the beginning of the story. It is also necessary to make it known to clients and provide consultancy. Therefore, we recognize the importance of a pervasive marketing model.

We promote the growth of worldwide businesses based on DataTime Reporting Solution. We do that by sharing a significant portion of the revenue with our commercial partners.

Become a Partner

If you wish to evaluate the possibility of doing business with DataTime, you can register as a Prospect Partner and learn about the proposed Partnership terms. Then, contact us, with any questions you may have, to become an Approved Partner


Becoming an Approved DataTime Partner means participating in the success of a product clearly destined to be a leader in its market.

If you have already registered, you can just login to enter the Partner Area. 




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