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Main application

1. DataTime Enterprise 

This is the main application which allows you to perform all the most common enterprise tasks involving data: ETL, ROLAP, Query building, Reports, Charts, Integration, Federate DBMSes managing, etc.

Reports can be rendered as pdf or web pages that can be viewed using a browser alone (no client software required). These reports work with any HTTP server. They can be updated periodically by using DataTime scheduler.

If you wish to make your reports fully interactive, you can get DataTime Report Portal Open Solution.


DataTime Report Portal - Open Solution
- Customizable Source Code

DataTime Report Portal is an "open solution”, a set of powerful functionalities designed to share your reports on a web front-end. It is based on IIS/ASP.NET, which allows you to show the reports created by DataTime interactively on the Internet.

It consists of a customizable set of functions and web services with source code and of the DataTime binary libraries. The source code can be fully customized in order to assemble your own report portal and the reports can be regenerated, drilled down, remotely designed, uploaded, etc. It sets no limits on concurrent users.

The Open Solution also includes a simple example of "metadata" database to manage users and groups, if necessary. It's a free product.

DataTime Personal Designer

It is essentially a report designer which brings the full power of the main application to the client and makes it possible, if necessary, to quickly redesign or create reports remotely, on the client side. Clearly, when the use of the Personal Designer is not for administrative users only, the possibility to download and upload the reports to the server could be controlled through the Report Portal or any similar application.


There is a one-off license fee and only a maintenance fee (20%) for the following years. Any product can be customized by adding specific features, if required by the Client.
The main application has 3 versions to address all businesses from small to large companies.

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