cybersecurity    ("Courtesy of Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.")

Course: STATISTICS SECS-S/01 CFU: 6, Year: 2023-2024

Course Program: Topics in pure Statistics and relevant to Cybersecurity: theory and application, with intensive software development (using Visual Studio, C# and/or VB.NET, Javascript (for web app) ). Since this is Cybersecurity LM, we assume some experience with computers and programming languages

Instructor: Prof. Tommaso Gastaldi, Email:,


Official semester start date 25 September 2023. We will start our lessons on thursday October 5, 13:00 Aula XI (Palazzina Tuminelli)

NOTE: All the past years lessons will be kept on line in form of videos and linked references. Exams will also be done by remote when necessary. Needless to say that if you suspect any health problem you must avoid coming to the classroom.

WHATSAPP GROUP for the course "Statistics"

Please, all students join the group, because all useful information for the course and exams will be shared there.

Please, when first joining the group, in any case send a message with your full name, id number (matricola).

Share in the group anything of general interest for the group. For personal matters, instead, contact me directly on whatsapp (3272347610).

VIDEO LESSONS and homeworks

Course topics, assignments and homework will all be linked here:


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