DataTime™ Reporting System - Universal demo Edition

First class OLAP and Reporting

DataTime Reporting System - Universal demo Edition

You are stuck because you have exceeded the capabilities of your Excel spreadsheet and need to go far beyond it, to fully automate your reporting system.

You have looked around but the products you need are costly (about 100K euro per year) and they do not even have all the necessary flexibility that you need.

DataTime Reporting System is the right answer to your needs. Just download it and enter DataTime's way to enterprise reporting. 
Here are a few sample web reports, that can also be made interactive by using our (open source) Report Portal product.

 Report Sample 1
 Report Sample 2
 Report Sample 3

Compare us to our competitors

DataTime Reporting System is the latest ROLAP / Reporting product, but we are not afraid of a comparison with products that have been around for a longer time. In our opinion, DataTime is better; furthermore it costs, in the end, significantly less, considering that it does integrate all the necessary components (Report Designer, Scheduler, Web interfaces, etc.) in a unique, fully integrated solution, while our competitors use a "modular" approach which become soon very costly. Not to mention the cost of the consulting.

We are not afraid of comparisons: download DataTime demo and compare:

Business Objects:   http://www.businessobjects.com/
Cognos:                 http://www.cognos.com/
Microstrategy:        http://www.microstrategy.com/

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