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DataTime Reporting Solution - Universal demo Edition

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Product Description

Main Application

Report Design


This is the main application which allows for ETL, Data Source Design, Report design and export, Data Integration, Scheduling, etc. 

Reports can also be rendered as pdf or web pages which can be viewed using a browser alone (no client software required). These reports work with any HTTP server. They can be updated periodically by using DataTime scheduler.

Report Sample 1, Report Sample 2

If you wish to make your web reports interactive on the Internet, you also need to download DataTime Report Portal Open Solution (see below).
Download Size Release Date
12 Mb latest

Periodically we make available a new release which takes into account the latest feedbacks and requests received from our users worldwide.
For questions, bug reporting or feature requests, please contact us. Any feedback is highly valued.

Report Portal

Open Solution 

Customizable Source Code

DataTime Report Portal Open Solution (server-side only)


DataTime Report Portal allows you to use interactively the web reports created by DataTime. The client can by any browser alone (no other client software required).

Here it is provided in form of a free Open Solution with customizable source code solution which works on the server with IIS/ASP.NET.

If you have already understood the examples and built your own Portal, you can use the new DataTime DLLs only and discard all the other files. 

The web reports created by DataTime are plain HTML and work with any browser, as they conform to the best web standards (4.01 strict).

Valid HTML 4.01 Strict

Login is required for this download.
Size Release Date
  8 Mb latest

DBMSes for testing

To test the reporting system, you may want to download some free test databases. Here are some famous DBMSes for testing:

Northwind for Access
   [ Local copy ]


Possible Software prerequisites

Depending on your system, you might be asked to install .Net Framework ver. 4.0 and MDAC
(already included in XP or Vista, Win7).

Before installing a new release of DataTime, remove the old one (Control Panel -> Add/Remove programs).

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