General Topics

What is DataTime
Solution Architecture
Software Editions and Licenses
Work Topics
  Getting started

Main application Installation
Change Work Folder

Basic concepts and terminology
Start up and create a new project
Create a connection to a DBMS
Reporting (part1) "Quick" approach"

Start a quick report
Design a ReportGrid (slice and dice)
Define or change a dimension
Define or change a measure
Work with a Report
Define a meter on a ReportGrid field
Add images to the report
Add text to the report
Add a linked chart
Edit a linked chart
Change ReportGrid automatic styles
Bulk change of automatic styles
Field properties and styles
Define Alerts and attach them to ReportGrid fields
Define Grid-function fields
Drill down / Roll up
Raw ReportGrid Export to Excel
Add gauges to report
Manage report objects
Print a Report
Publish Report to Web
Data Export ("Quick" approach)

Export data to a database, to EXCEL or to text file
Data Source creation: Query Builder 
(for reporting, export, data integration, etc.)

Start designing a Data Source
Select Objects and Fields
Define SQL functions
Join path selection
Analyze the query
Add possible conditions
Manual refinement and query parameters
Transform programmatically
Reporting (part 2) "Designer" approach

Start a new Report
Data integration using multiple Data Sources (Load Task)

Start designing a Load Task
Adding remote Data Sources
Setup Tables
Loading into a Datawarehouse
Scheduling a Load Task
Reporting (part 3) Web architectures

Architectures for Web reporting with DataTime
  • Static-Updatable Web reporting
  • Interactive-Updatable Web reporting: the Open Source solution
Scheduling report updates